It’s Official! Guppy Media makes the cut for Inc 5000 2011

It certainly has been a tumultuous road since Guppy Media first opened its doors in 2009. In all honesty, we weren’t really certain what to expect when we initially launched as a company. Looking back, we can safely say that we thoroughly enjoyed the good times and lavished in all of the rewards that the little successes brought along the way. In parallel, the many mistakes and failures also brought with great learning experiences. Honestly, there were many scary times as well. Through all of these experiences, good and bad alike, we hope that it all ends in a culmination of positive energy, improvement, and success. Hopefully, in the end, we become better and more experienced members of Guppy Media.

As of August, 2011, Guppy Media received official notification of our acceptance into their coveted Inc 5000 list for 2010 companies. Who would have thought that all of those tedious emails, customer service calls, ping pong tournaments, and late nights would culminate into this? As mentioned, we had just been worried about survival, much less acceptance into Inc 5000 – a goal, never even conceived until recently. What all of this shows is, as cliché as it sounds, Guppy and its team is living proof that nothing replaces the value of our core philosophy, which are the “four P’s” to success: Persistence, Patience, Perseverance, and Passion for Partners. Out of one fundamental tenet that we can share with our colleagues and our common industry is that we are Passionate about our industry. More importantly, we are “Passionate about Partners,” by providing the best possible customer service.

We’d like to thank you, our supporters and partners, for helping us achieve this victory, with hopefully many more to come. We are passionate about working with you and we appreciate you. We sincerely hope the feeling is mutual.

Check out the Inc 5000 list here.

Inc 5000

Affiliate Summit East 2011, New York City

Affiliate Summit

It’s that time of the year again! Affiliate Summit East is taking place August 21–23. You can count on Guppy to be in attendance! Stop by and meet the crew at booth #206. Please contact Sam Sim at with your availability and contact info to set up a meeting. Whether you’re an existing or potential partner, it’d be great to meet up!